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No more crossing your fingers that the doctor on call when you go into labor will speak English.

And the nurse.  And the midwife.  And the receptionist so you can make your pre-natal appointments.

We will prepare you for all the interactions with hospital staff you will need to have a baby in another language.


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For a joyful babyday

You want to get ready to meet your baby. Not sit in language classes – you can cross that off the list.


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We won’t let a fast-speaking nurse or doctor push you into making a decision you don’t want

You’re safest when you understand and can make informed decisions


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We are a self-guided language learning program dedicated to the vocabulary you will need to give birth.

We can take you from zero to functional, correctly pronouncing the words you need to have the birth you want.  If you already have some language skills, we can work with that too.

Rosetta won’t cover these words.  Standard language classes don’t cover them.  You could pay $1000s for private tutoring, but I couldn’t find a specialist that covered these words, and believe me I looked.


You’re going to need to follow instructions, understand when you’re being spoken to (or about) and make your feelings and preferences known among people who don’t speak English regularly, if they know English at all.

You deserve to make the decisions about how your birth will go.  In order to do that, you need to understand the medical terms in the language where your birth happens.


Available immediately: Flash cards with correct spelling and phonetic spelling of the words you may need to say or understand as you navigate your pregnancy, birth and post-partum period including Body Parts, including specialized words related to the baby and birth, common pregnancy symptoms and other non-pregnancy ailments that might come up, how to make appointments, what you might need to say in an emergency, things you might need to say when in your first pediatric appointments with the baby.

Coming Soon: a full service language program includes flash cards, a printable booklet, and a video file with correct spelling and phonetic spelling plus audio pronunciation.  We want you to be able to say these words and recognize them when someone else says it.



Give yourself the tools to give birth on your terms

You’ll be happy you did.  If you’re giving birth tomorrow, this will be a useful reference for you.  The earlier you buy, the more help we can be.

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French Language Program Launch… NOW!

More languages coming soon!

Spanish Language Program Launch








Need a different language? Let us know!